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How it works

A simple, easy and quick way to listen to sample recordings of renowned actors and professional voice over artists to select the ideal voice for your project.

Step 1
Click on the tab Find Voice on the menu. Search filters will appear on the left field to help you narrow your search down more effectively.
select the voice over language, profession (renowned actor or professional voice over artist), gender and age range. After filtering the search, on the right will appear the voice actors with demos so you can listen to samples of their work. Click on the demo of each voice over actor to quickly listen to their sample.  

Step 2
select the renowned actor or professional voice over artist you prefer and you will go to the next page where you can give more details about your production.
Fill in the special fields with the description of your project, your script and select the details of your production on the right field e.g. type of production, work type, duration, quantity, word count and your contact information.

Step 3
Complete the process by clicking on the request offer button and as soon as we receive your request we will get back to you shortly with the cost of production.
If you don’t know which voice would be right for your production and cannot decide, you can contact our team and we will help you select the ideal voice for your project.

It’s that easy…